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Edgewood, MD, located along Route 40 between Joppatowne and Aberdeen in Harford County. Has a rather mixed reputation depending on who's talking about it. Blair kids look down on it. HdG and AberDeen get along with it. And Joppatowne is just kind of there next to it.

Houses about half the black kids in Harford County alongside Aberdeen and HdG. Got plenty of poor people, which is why I love it. If you're from Blair or BalCO, chances are nobody there wants you.

But if you can handle a couple gang problems in an overrall cool community you'll probably like it there. Somebody's always outside, and something's always going on in Edgewood, MD.
Edgewood, Havre de Grace, and Aberdeen are cool considering they are in Harford County.

Blair (Bel Air) is just gay.
by Your name is not mine November 28, 2007
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