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The worst excuse for a game in the history of forever!

You hover when you jump.

Failed story line.

Bungie cant pick up the money to make another main character.

Shit-ass graphics!

Stupid sniper rifle scope. (rectangle, wtf!)

Glide up ladders.

Homos like to play it and tea-bag each other. (fags).

Unrealistic weaponary.

It's for the shit-box.
Peter: "Hey, man. Wanna play Halo 3? I'll Tea-bag you!"

Nic: "Nah, Fuck you, man! Go play your Shit-Box 360 and go tea-bag your faggot friends somewhere else!"

Peter: "Shut up, just shut up!! <sob><sob>. I'll tell Master Chief on you!"

Nic: "Whatever. Go rape your mom in the ass with a fucking machete for all I care, you worthless Halo loving cock sucking piece of shit!"

Peter: "<SOB><SOB><SOB>"
by Your moms asshole August 29, 2009

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