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To expend too much energy on a task before realising you can't/don't want to finish it
Person: So at 11:47PM this night I was playing the colony Minecraft modpack from AT launcher and I needed to get power generation badly so I decided to use Environmental tech brand solar panels but for that you needed a controller and a fuckload of panels which require these crystals which are made from diamonds flint and green dye, however I don't have any green dye and I couldn't find a desert so I had to combine Lapis with Dandelion yellow for it except there weren't any Dandelions near my base so I had to go to this village in the middle of nowhere to get some, return to base, make the crystals and the solar panels, only to realize the con troller needs FOUR ENTIRE BLOCKS of crystals and lapis and if that ain't the biggest overcomittal I've ever made shoot me with a BB gun.
Person 2: Dafuq?
by Your pseudo nym June 18, 2021
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