1 definition by Yorko & Timmeh

While more commonly referred to as the machismo-loaded song by Survivor made infinitely famous by the Rocky movies; the eye of the tiger is also a lesser-known name for the hole at the tip of the phallic urethra, AKA your pee-hole. N.B. This area is SEVERELY sensitive, particularly if you are a sock as opposed to a helmet; approach with extreme caution.
Curious/Disgusted Friend: "The doctor did what now?"

Ill-treated/Violated Victim: "He stuck a cotton tip in through the eye of the tiger to take a swab for inspection."

Curious/Disgusted Friend: "A Q-tip inside your penis, that's fucked up man. What have I said about no glove no love, man?"
by Yorko & Timmeh February 26, 2008
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