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One of the best and versatile consoles yet. Includes DVD, Mp3, CD, DVD/game and DVDR players inside. Upgradeable and internet gaming is free outside of initial cost. Better than the X box and was one of the greatest ideas for a conole ever concieved.
Hey, got a Playstation 2?
No, I suck. I have an x box.
Play mine.
Wow, that is way better than the crap box i own.
by Yojoe! May 12, 2004
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A piece of crap game console made by Microsoft during an economic recession that tried to market against a Playstation 2. Huge controllers, crap games (except HALO), crap box.

X Box also known as Crap Box.
I bought a Box of Crap yesterday for my little brother known as the X box.
by Yojoe! May 12, 2004
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