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1. A faggit named Sunnie with a gargantuan cranium. Oh yah, he's a high school dropout also.

2. An IT dork stranded in Turkey who listens to nothing but the Justus League. You guessed it, he gotta man-crush on 9th.

3. Someone with an affinity for Turkish Tranny's. He claims to like poosy, but in reality loves Tranny's.

4. Someone who wastes $15k on a $8k car to turn a decent Lexus into a $5k Honda rice rocket.

5. Early reports say he photoshops his teeth crazy white in pictures to cover his bad Arabian hygiene.
Ayo son that dude is straight faggot. He hollerin' at a Tranny and stuntin' in a souped up civic.

Yah, duke's straight YoYoMa.
by YoYo Lost October 20, 2004

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#1) A faggit who looks like KologeroBx. On top of that he's balding. Not a Good Look.

#2) A Billy Beane groupie. How the fuck you gon ride a Baseball GM's nuts playa?

#3) A Homesick IT guy who gets sonned for it on the regular . . .

Originally Posted by Chea Guevara
* knows YoYo is homesick *
* hits the Blondie's Pizza for the late night grub *
what are your plans? MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Originally Posted by watthafuc
man that shit really isnt funny.. as i defend YOUR freedom.

Yo Yo Ma Holla: yeah right
Ieatcornmuffins: I'm going to indiana to visit my girlfriend for thanksgiving...have fun sitting by yourself in Turkey, fuckwad.
Yo Yo Ma Holla signed off at 11:44:47 PM.

Originally Posted by 7:30femmefatale
ol' lonely thanksgiving havin loser. did you cry into your canned yams in the dining hall?

Originally Posted by watthafuc
you know beth.. all the bullsh!t aside.. that was a real low blow.. i hope it made you feel better
there is no example for such a man. There is only one faggit roaming the earth such as Sundesh YoYoMa.
by YoYo Lost November 26, 2004

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