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The act of placing tortilla/potato chips on a persons body where they do not notice it whilst they are destracted. The victim moves or turns his/her head, and is surprised to learn that they have been chip-tipped. This in turn humors and often causes laughter amongst those involved in the chip-tipping.

Most commonly done on the shoulders, the back, or the rim of the victim's hat as a prank or game.

Chip-tipping is ill advised at funerals but is best recomended at talent shows, movie theatres, while watching TV with some of one's buddy's, and at friends' weddings.

Originated in Herzl Camp during the intersession of 2010
Anonymous Smurf: "Smurf#1 and Smurf#2 were chip-tipping Smurf#3 during the entire talent show."

That smurf was chip-tipped.

"i pity the fools that chip-tipped me... UHN!" -Mr. T

Al Capone was the victim of a brutal chip-tipping.
by YoWillyIsTheKey2TheFirebenders August 17, 2010
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