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Way of referring to a, lower than LSD quality, type of lysergic acid.

Comes in small cardboard squares with psychedelic designs imprinted on it.

A type of cookie topped with quince (membrillo) or sweet potatoe jelly, popular in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
“Anoche tuve un mal viaje de pepa”
“Last night I had a bad trip on pepa”
“Tenes idea de a quien le puedo comprar pepa?”
“Do you have any idea of who I can buy pepa from?”
“Venís a tomar el té? Cociné unas pepas”
“Are you coming over for tea? I baked some pepas”
“Fui al supermercado y no había más pepas”
“I went to the market and they’ve run out of pepas”

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