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When a person is so gay, that they actually dislike themselves, and to an extension all other gay people similar, but however make an effort to still have sexual relationships with gay men, while at the same time, maintaining that they are 'homophobic, and not gay.' Ones who are recently out of the closet are most likely to be homo pies, simple because they are trying something new and they are affraid. However, not all homo pies are newcomers to the gay community, sometimes it can be a person who has not even admitted to themsleves they are gay yet, but still hold a great deal of homo pie charactoristics.
Example 1:
Did you see that fag in there? What a homo pie!

Example 2:
Randy: Ew, get away from me you fag, i dont want your AIDS!
Johnson: Shutup you fucking homo pie! i know youv'e fucked Tim before, so dont start!

Example 3:
My teacher refuses to tell us about homosexual intercourse because he says its 'messed up,' but hes not fooling anyone; hes clearly gay. Hes such a Homo pie
by Yalts March 30, 2008
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A man and a woman are in the doggy style position, and another girl is then behind the man and figering his ass. While this is going on, they all simotaniously start peeing and pooing to the mark of a previously agreed apown word, which someone says. usually the word is 'Felix,' but it can be anything really. Also, usually the person who is picked to say the word to commence the pooing and peeing, they usually say it at a comprimising time, when at least one person will be pooed on or peed on. After the shitting, they continue on have sex.
"i head a dirty felix last night with these two chicks, but boy did i get it in the face!"

by Yalts March 30, 2008
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