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A small town in the thumb of michigan that has a population made up of rednecks, whores, attention whores, douche bags, rednecks, and only a small population of decent people... did I mention rednecks? There is absolutely nothing to do in this town, and you will for sure regret moving here. The drama is insanely ignorant, mostly between the attention whores and the just plain whores.

Rednecks- Usually guys who live in the Almont trailer park and drive a beaten up, rusted, dented old chevy or ford truck and think they're the shit. They also eat raccoon for dinner.

Whores- Do I have to explain? They're probably the worst breed of Almontians except attention whores.

Attention whores- Girls who go around creating all the fucked up ignorant drama in this town. Usually start it on facebook or myspace. Usually post pictures on facebook saying how ugly they are for attention. Also, are frequent participators in the dreaded "duckface."

Douchebags- Usually guys who think they're "hood" when in reality, they live in the subburbs of Almont with their parents.

Decent people- If you find one of these people in Almont, keep them. They're very rare.
Person: Where are you from?
Almontian: Almont!
Person: Get. Out. Of. My. Presence.
by YYoyoyoyoyoyo February 29, 2012
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