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A show about a bunch of faggy elementary school kids whos testicles haven"t dropped yet. The 8 yr old kids goes after an unfortunate 15 year old girl in the band and somehow gets her while the 10 year old goes after 17-18 year olds and can't figure out why he can"t get them. When an idiot parent lets there kid watch a show called NAKED BROTHERS band and they wonder why there kids grow up to be a homo. All i have to say to them is you morons its your own fault for letting your kids watch a show called the NAKED BROTHERS band!!
boy: Can i read this (holds up playboy magazine)
Parents: NO go watch TV the naked brothers band is on
boy: oh Boy!

*10 years later*

boy: Mom i'd like you to meet my boyfriend
by XXXhatemylifeXXX August 29, 2010

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