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(n.) an emotional experience triggered by someone else's ringtone. The particular ringtone is typically associated with a specific event or person. This event occurs often with iPhone users because of its popularity and limited ringtone options.
1) Steve's ringtone is my alarm on my phone. Every time he gets a call I have a RINGTONE FLASHBACK, and I want to stab him in the neck.

2) So every time Sally gets a text message, I kinda get a half-chub. She has the same ringtone as April-Big-Cans. I get a RINGTONE FLASHBACK to last summer every time.
by Wrat9000 December 14, 2010

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The white circle on your iPhone that taunts you as your phone's battery dies. You are in the recharge penalty box for at least 10 minutes while you wait for enough charge to reboot your iPhone. The Circle of Death just highlights how you fail at life. It haunts you in your sleep.
"Yeah, sorry it took me so long to call you back. We were cut off. I couldn't hear you, so I looked at my phone and saw the circle of death.
by Wrat9000 September 15, 2009

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