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To be filled with energy and excitement without the use of alcohol or drugs. A wowie atmosphere usually occurs at parties or with a group of friends. Side effects of wowie are hyperactive behaviour and dancing on street corners without music.

The opposite of baked.

Wowie Trip. A drive with friends late at night with no planned destination that leads to a series of exciting and bizarre adventures.
Man this party is hell wowie, look at me dance.

That wowie trip was great, now where the hell are we?
by wowie zowie April 29, 2006

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Bulldowzer (bull-dow-zer)

Verb, bulldowzered, bulldowzer, bulldowzering, adverb, bulldowzerly

1. To be mistaken to the point of irreversibility, to be in error.

2. To realize a mistake or error in hindsight: You really bulldowzered that man's haircut

3. To describe a particular situation as careless or pointless: He bulldowserly put the groceries away resulting in a messy pantry.

4. Being in the act of committing to a bulldowzer situation: She is bulldowzering dinner tonight.
"You really bulldowzered that man's haircut"
"You are going to bulldowzer this assignment"
"He has been bulldowzering at work lately"
"I bulldowzerly requested a back massage and as a result was rejected"
by Wowie Zowie June 22, 2012

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