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Pronunciation: Won - guh
(adj.) Most likely orginating from Mexico or Latin America.
1. Loose or floppy, especially referring to clothing or body parts.
2. A adjective that conveys a negative feeling toward baggyness, floppyness or loosness of clothing, body parts or attatchments
1. Yo Carolina, do these jeans look wanga on me in the booty area? It feels like I have a loaded diaper back there cause they be saggin like a pregnent goat.
2. Dude, check out that chicks wanga cottage cheese thighs. Shit, they're so wanga, I think on of them slapped me in the face from across the street!
3. As Cynthia stood in the mirror in the dressing room checking out the new pants she was going to buy, she knew they were wanga in the butt, but she always bought pants 2 sizes too big. Maybe it would fill out one of these days...back to its original glory.
by Wonga Patrol March 21, 2005
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