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Pre Mesnstrual Syndrome or PMT - Pre menstrual Tension.
A group of symptoms from irrational thoughts, mood swings, extreme tiredness, food cravings, extreme fluctuations in libido from very high to non existant, sufferes can become highly strung - angry, weepy, antisocial.
They may have an aversion to light. Some women experience terrible abdominal cramps, breast pain and migraine headaches - either one or all of these. PMS is not fun and has been the cause of many a relationship and family breakdown. Women can suffer this from the first period until menopause, some women are affected after giving birth and others in their 30's. PMS or the extreme version PMDD has led some women to having a full hysterectomy in order to be free of their symptoms. Addressing the symptoms early through diet and herbs specifically for the female reproductive system can be the answer and has been for many women. The book PMT-Reversing The Curse outlines how to do this in a simple, readable and easy to folllow plan.
by Womensherbs March 22, 2011

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