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The most amazing Man to have ever lived. Glad to have loved and lost than ever never loved at all. I'll miss him forever: i.e. The children are lucky to have the father he has become. Clemson race steady pace ice man. A strength admired for the challenges he has encountered and lived threw it all to become an admirable man. Compared to all that try'ed to break his will to love one woman. She was an idiot to ever think his bro's told her the truth. A trustworthy man that deserves the credit for the person he is to us all. Rad I'm so sorry and hopefully this will one day reach you. But you have chosen and I cannot under good conscious ask for love from him due to faults alone in the Polar lands of my own head.
Conradical is the Man.

Why do you have to be so Conradical dude.

God she's an idiot for giving up instead of giving in and letting the fears in her head go.

Conradical always told me not to let go as fast paced as he was and I dropped the ball in mid air. He deserves the best I hope she gives that to you. Lord knows I Try to do my best to keep my sanity over what has bee created in this world between us.
by WlfdgBrokeGameover January 30, 2010

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