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(also : innerstanding)

absolute, heart-centred knowledge from the core inner being (Source)

This word truly requires no description, as it is the zero point to knowledge and being. The knowing that all is perfect and happens for a reason (cause & effect) to move one towards learning and expansion.

Innerstanding is the neutral point of understanding and overstanding - with the knowing coming from a place of acceptance and unconditional love - not being skewed by the human consciousness/ego/dragon.
Thus eradicating the 'I AM' presence and replacing it with 'WE ARE' - seeing all as ONE. Manifested in an infinite number of forms.

We are equilibrium - Root

We are freedom - Sacral

We are acceptance - Solar Plexus

We are love - Heart (centre / source)

We are knowing - Throat

We are focus - 3rd Eye
We are joy - Crown
We innerstand how we feel.

Innerstanding what life is.

Innerstanding is being at one with all.

Knowing the zero point to all within existence.

Not requiring the exterior world, yet accepting all that is. With the absolute ability to create & recreate.

We innerstand that the challenges we are facing right now - even though they may seem painful - are for our (collective) greater good and will help us to grow and evolve by seeing the learnings in every situation.

Whilst I do not agree with everything you say, I innerstand why you say these things and fully accept that your perspective is different from my own. When we seek to find the 'neutral' point, we will achieve a deeper innerstanding of each other as an equal part of self. Absolute love. We innerstand that fear is a restrictive force -

nothing more than a restriction to love.

Innerstand that love is neither positive nor negative. It is neutral or the zero point of polarity. Just as Innerstanding will shatter the illusion of another. What we experience in the exterior is a mirror reflection of the interior.
by Wind Fire & Raven Explorer December 29, 2017
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