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1> The king of kings in North Bend, Oregon.

2> If anyone does something outstanding (or COMPLETELY phukin nutz)

The term came about with the help of none other then Laurence Fishbourne himself. Here's the story:
One day, a high school kid shaved his head. Normal? Nothing Willie did was normal. But none-the-less, he shaved his head. Seeing as he was the ONLY one within 50 miles who had posession of a black leather Trench coat, people would often think he looked like Morpheus from the Matrix. Most likely because they were blind. But anyway, one day, while watching the first MAtrix for the hundredth or so time, Willie's friend Zack came up with the nickname, Space Willie 2000. Seeing as it was better then The Black Plague, which he had been called all through grammar school, and Crazy Black Man, which most of the town called him, the name stuck.

After having left the town he called home for so long, people began to make references to Space Willie. Seeing as he was the craziest, wierdest one of the bunch, he gained a sort of Urban Legend status, and so whenever someone would do something that would remind someone of something Space Willie 2000 would do, they would verbalize the allusion.
"Down the 30, backflip over the spine, and Space Willie 2000 over the Bonzai."

"Dude, I dare you to SW2K across the highway!"
by William Lockette 2nd February 10, 2004
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