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A boner teaparty is when a group of no less than seven men are at one fellows house, and one of the men requests some tea. These men may be any where from ages 18 to 36. The owner of the houshold will prepare and heat the tea, and then put sugar in the tea kettle. To his and everyone else's surprise, there will be no clean spoons. The men put their heads together, and decide eventually to use their pulsing, rock-hard boners to stir the tea.
Man 1: What will we stir this delicious Earl Grey with?

Man 2:...umm, my boner is hard and stiff and the head is a bit flattened. It's sort of like a spoon.

Man 3: Brilliant. A boner teaparty.

Man 4: Insert your boner into the scalding tea water then, Pete.

Man 2: Affirmative.

Man 5: He needs help. This is not a one-boner job. I too will stick my raging boner into the tea. Pete will stir in a clockwise motion, whilst I stir counter-clockwise.

Man 6: My balls are cold and clammy. I'm gonna put my balls into the tea as well.

Man 7: You are all gay. Seriously.
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