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The name given on Football Manager when you are managing a big team but fail to beat a much smaller club, often despite having five times as many shots.

In a typical FM'ing, you'll see your strikers through on goal time and time again, only to see them spank it out the ground from a couple of yards out, perhaps aiming for a low-flying aircraft or a fan they thought was being overly-aggressive.

Most of the time the end result will be a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 defeat, sometimes without the opponents even managing a shot on target. If your opponents did manage to score the goal themselves, it will more often than not come from a striker who hasn't scored in about 15 hours of football, who it seems was just saving up for a thunderbolt from 35 yards to win the game in the sixth minute of stoppage time.

The term can be applied to real-life football matches, however it is much less frequent, as top-class strikers don't usually forget how to shoot when approximately 7 inches from the goal.
Gary: I got FM'd last night.

Tim: How?

Gary: A 40-year-old Emile Heskey scored with his arse.
by Wigglers July 15, 2011

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