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Currently a contender for worst film of 2009. Much like One Missed Call before it, it's a mediocre PG-13 horror movie that was panned by critics.

Some actually argue that it's original, when in fact The Unborn rips off from everything. It rips off from The Ring, it rips off from The Grudge, it rips off from The Shining, it rips off from Halloween, it rips off from Exorcism of Emily Rose, it rips off from Silent Hill, it rips off from Jacob's Ladder, even manages to rip off from Invasion of the Body-Snatchers and Freddy vs. Jason.

The marketing wasn't exactly creative as hell either. They showed the female lead in transparent panties with a creepy ghost kid in the background on the cover and that was it. That's really all they used to market it.

Of course Gary Oldman was great in it, that's why it was tragic to see him wasting his amazing talent in such a thing.
Person 1: If you didn't like The Unborn, then you're the reason we keep having remakes of horror movies and horror sequels. U just dunt like original things!

Person 2: How is The Unborn "original"? Ir rips off from everything.


Person 2: Hell, at least the Saw sequels don't rip off from everything and dumb it down to PG-13 standards while showing the female lead in panties just to sell it...
by WhoAreYouThatsMoretothePoint October 16, 2009

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