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Perhaps the most boringass town in westchester, despite the flippin sweet shopping center that soccer moms in minivans love to inhabit. Other than that, Eastchester is filled with guidos and hoochie fifteen year olds who hang out in between blockbuster, the local exxon, and the library parking lot until the cops come to break it up and they have to call their bronx-native mothers and fathers to come get them so they don't have to get their "Urr Force Onez" dirty. Nearly all of these brats are italian and should stop acting black or else a swift kick in the ass is due their way. Oh, God Forbid.
"Rye Girl: What club do you belong to?
Eastchester Hooch: Lake Isle
Rye Girl: Stupid Hooch, that's not a club. It's a concrete wasteland with 6 pools filled with urine. Come to Shenerock Shore Club, and I'll show you what real living is like..."
by Westchesterlovin March 21, 2005

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