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Originally, "golf clap" was used to mean a sarcastic applause, for example the kind of applause that is given when someone drops their food tray in a cafeteria. However, it is increasingly being used to mean a sincere show of appreciation, especially on FARK.COM.
"That is a great link! Golf clap to the person who submitted it."
by webgrunt May 25, 2005

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Bad Mama Jama was an extremely obese African-American porn star. There is a fetish market for porn videos of men with obese women, and Bad Mama Jama was one of the largest to ever grace the adult film screen.
Some guys don't like fat women, but I sure do. I'm Bad Mama Jama's biggest fan!
by Webgrunt January 13, 2006

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When a cat or dog sits on the floor and skooches along, propelling itself with its front paws, thereby dragging their anus across the floor, a shit stripe is often left on the floor.

I think the reason they do this is because they have an itchy ass, sometimes caused by a hard turd that stops halfway out. It's this turd which draws the stripe of shit across the floor, sort of like a brown crayon being held by the dog or cat's rectum.

It's funny as hell to see unless it's your floor.
Will you stop feeding the dog all that cheese, it's making him constipated and I'm getting tired of cleaning up all the shit stripes he keeps leaving on the carpet!
by Webgrunt January 16, 2006

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The area between the anus and the division of the buttocks. This area is where the buttocks normally rest against each other.
When I shit, I like to spread my ass cheeks apart so I don't get shit all over my assbasket. It's funky enough down there already.
by Webgrunt August 08, 2003

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