2 definitions by WeasleyKing

Something that everyone knows is going to happen, without a doubt.
Something that is definately something.
Fred: Ryan, stop touchin' my thighs like that you jackass!
Jordan: Man are you gay!?
Fred: That's inevitable.
Ryan: You guys are always bullying me like some wasted fucktards.

( He goes and cries in his room )
Fred: Told you blud.
by WeasleyKing July 13, 2009
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The name given to any form of retard, including social rejects and any other turds in general.
A name given to dispicably revolting people.
Occasionally, you may add a 4 digit number of your choice at the end, to make it sound cyber.
Robby: Omg! Did you just ask what the number for 999 is?!
Chris: WOW, you are such a mingertron!

Drulie: Wait, wait, wait... your telling me your mum named you Agamemnon!? Get out of my room you mingertron 4000!
by WeasleyKing July 14, 2009
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