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A transit agency for the Philadelphia region. Gifted with a great system inherited from the PTC, P&W, Red Arrow, PRR and Reading Railroad, but hamstrung by a shitty management almost from their start in the 1960s. They ignore the city while pandering to the suburbs, fucking over the source of 60 or more percent of their ridership. They are simultaneously cursed and blessed by many residents of Philadelphia.

Also a killer of trolley lines, and inventor of bustitution.
Goddamn SEPTA sucks, why do we need a fucking line to Reading when we can't even run enough rail service on the routes we own!!!
by Wdobner March 25, 2004

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Congress's TA, it will always have all the money it ever needs for expansions and shit.

Also an insanely monotonous subway system (although not neccesarily boring).

Replaced an excellent and very cool trolley system with Conduit Cars in the city with said monotonous subway and crappy buses.
Goddamn, I got lost in the Metro cause all the fucking stations look alike!
by Wdobner March 25, 2004

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The ONE and ONLY name for DCA, regardless of what the fucking republican assholes want to rename it.
Yo, I gotta get to Chicago, think you could drive me to National?
by Wdobner March 25, 2004

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