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The definitions of Bogan here are mostly by non Bogan contributors and as such give a highly bias view.

In Western Australia bogans were a bona fide youth culture embracing heavy metal music and Aussie muscle cars. Bogan took over from the old 'Rocker' term that had been around since the 50's and 60's. In fact the word Bogan is a variant of the word Bodgie, an old Australian word for Rocker.
A typical school in WA in the eighties would be divided into Surfies, Bogans and Mods(who also included skinheads, punks, goths and other anglophiles).

We did have a uniform as bogans, black jeans, black ripple sole desert boots, flannelette shirt and blue singlet or black t-shirt with your favourite metal band print(mine was AC/DC). Yes there were mullets but we generally shaved our heads.
We drove any H series Holdens and motorbikes were also popular, nowadays a true bogan is hard to distinguish from a Bikie and many of us got envolved with Bikie Clubs. But a true bogan is a Rev-head with a love of Metal. Eastern States people have expanded the term to include just any white trash.
Bogan's do burnouts and Bog-laps in HQ's
Bogan's are the surfies enemy
Bogan is a part of Australian youth culture that had it's heydey in the eighties and was born out of the earlier Rocker movement.
by Wayne Corrigan April 25, 2006
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