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When a large and often solid turd is passed, there may be a phonomemon that occurs. This is where the large turd is so solid, that it refuses to allow water to penetrate it.
After the hench shit has been passed, the afflicted may be struck down by "brown rain".

The excess water left from above the offending shit can just fall out. This is especially worrying if a "pink sock" has been created by said shit.
And no, it doesnt drop straight into the bowl, 9 times out of 10 it will run down your arse cheeks, covering the floor with the thin wet shit.
"You know i ate sunflower seeds for 3 weeks ?"
"Yeh.....youre a dick"
"I just found out why the package carried warnings"
"Brown Rain ?"
"Aye. I stood up to admire the work and before i realised that shit was EVERYWHERE"
"I know the feeling padré"

by Watko January 15, 2007
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