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Christopher (otherwhise known as chrissy) is an extremely small (about the size of a couple of bacci cells) cartoon, imaginary boy. he can be seen everywhere, and will move from the center of arabia to your face in about 0.246 seconds. he also has the talent of slipping inside a uterus, temporariy impregnating said person, he will then slip out at an unknown time. He is always wearing- blue demin baggy trousers, a green sweater with hoodie strings, and red trainers with laces undone. he has brown tousled hair and a smiling freckled face. He is easy to kill, but is reincarnated immediately after death, unless trapped in some form of container.
"christopher is on your face"

*slaps face* "FUCKING CHRISSY"
by Warlotte January 20, 2010
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