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Ok.... Similar to donkey punch, but works a little differently:

(wôlrs, wl- pnch)
tr.v. walrus punched, walrus punch·ing, walrus punch·es

A sharp blow of the fist administered by a man to a woman's stomach immediately after getting his cock sucked off after she tastes his man juice, forcing the cum out the womans nostrils, giving her the appearance of adorning walrus tusks.
"Ok dude, I know she don't look that pretty in tha face, but she's real prissy n' preppy, and this freshmen is just a little too innocent and full'u herself... But she's all ova'ya, so play it smooth for the rest'a the evening, and when she's ready to do the wild thang with ya, suprise her halfway through, and give her what she *really* needs, a good hard walrus punch!"
by Walrus Punchaholic March 24, 2004
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