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Dead Head
Dead Head or Dead headedness occurs when one in so redundant in heart mind and soul that all they do is scour the dump sites of the internet..spending their days 'being a computer whizz' ..hitting up the porn sites and lady sites to score some action when in reality they are dead heads..who try to sound and come off like they have their shit together when in reality they really do suck at life and always have the same girl problems..the kind of guy who has been a dater since he was like 9..you know that guy who always has a girlfriend??and always talks shit,has a ton of issues and makes up crap to u and says stuff like its not my fault..
fast forward ten years later he is still a dead head doing the same things since he was fifteen being an immature evil motherfucking asshole in life..acts up on all the fake emo but we know what he is really about..doesn't care about real issues..would never devote a whole 72 hours to one site..and you could say the same in life ..lack of dedication and chanelling engeries means he sucks for life and is just another porn hoarder with a new std to bring to the mating pool..
a talentless hack
a jerk off
a porn hoarder
child molestation
owns a van with no air
hangs out in the sex shop
gets high
blunts a fag

smells like shit
asks ppl how many ppl u slept with
keeps asking questions
should be put to death
should be kicked out the window FOREVER.
who always lies about how many girls hes had ..hes had TONS ..but he wont tell u that he will sit his lying ass down and say hes had like two and ur his ....thrid gf..
a total liar,who will say anything to you,doesnt care about ur friends or how u fell,he is just a piece of shit scum dead head

tries to appear like he has other interests wen really all he does is watch porn,p2p and kids naked..
is a total jerk

will be doing the same shit when he is 42..

future wife beater..
by WARTNERRRRRRRRRRR October 19, 2010
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