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Seventh full-length studio album by Green Day released May 2009. Instead of making another Dookie or another American Idiot, Green Day decided to reinvent their sound again.

This album features a wider array of instrumentation and loosely tells the story of a couple in post-millenial (and post-Bush) America. The album's lyrics and topics follow in the style of Warning and American Idiot, and several of the songs have sparked intense debate concerning the meanings of the lyrics.

Finally, the style of the album resembles The Who's "Quadrophenia." Butch Vig produced this album, and it fucking rocks!!!
1.) Mark: "Hey, have you heard Green Day's new album?"
Trey: "21st Century Breakdown? It kicks ass!"

2.) Several retailers initally debated whether or not to sell copies of 21st Century Breakdown due to the lyrics and topics included in the album.
by WARNING: Kerplunk! May 14, 2009
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