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Home to many former city dwelling "gangsters", Resulting in neigboring peers to think they live in a "hood" or the "ghetto". So supposively, Everyone technically residing in elmont was formaly from one of the 5 boroughs, And they still claim their old neighborhoods, Even though they most likely Moved to Elmont when they were Younger and had not been through the "the teenage growth experience", Further more... Everyone living in Elmont is From elmont ..But Since they were born in the city they claim it and it twists their brain into thinking they live in the "ghetto" and that they're living the "thug life" Claiming elmont is almost as sad as living in it.
Elmont teen: Yo nigga im from the hood son, whats poppin?

City teen: Word you from the hood, where you rest your head at kid?

Elmont teen: Da-Mont (elmont) son, im gangsta nigga, thug lifeeeeeee

City teen: Da-mont? Nigga wheres that at? Brooklyn?

Elmont teen: Nassau county dunn, Rep till i die.

City teen: You probably won't die from any crime related shit in the suburbs.


City teen: Yea, Aight.
by W8 Guru September 11, 2006
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