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A word misused by wannabe rapper/wigger White punks, male and female alike, so they sound more "gangster". When in actuality, if said White punks actually spent some time in a real ghetto they would go running back to their middle/upper class subdivisions crying for mommy AND the police.

You 12 - 23 year old posers have a lot to learn about life. Your craving to be affilliated with black street culture so you can appear "different", is really not being different at all. When you're reduced to the point that you have to find a new angle to cock your baseball cap so you're different from all the other crooked hat wearing little wimps, you don't realize that you're truly not different at all.

Want to be different, new and exciting? Lose the baggy pants, that juvinile looking baseball cap, spend $30 on a Polo shirt and $20 on some Wranglers and be amazed at the respect you'll instantly receive, instead of the total lack of respect adult give you now. Oh, and sell that Honda Civic with all the bullshit added to it and buy a real car. The Folgers coffee can for a tailpipe doesn't do a damned thing and my 43 year old White ass in my 1/4 ton Toyota Tacoma leaves you little bastards at the red light every time, throwing your hands up and down and pointing fingers inside the car like a chimp with a coconut.

Grow up little boys.
Look at little Zachary from the Uptown Garden District. When he's around his friends he goes by "Little Z" and listens to Fifty Cents, had daddy spend $4000 on extras for the Honda Prelude he got for making the A Honor Roll at Tulane and cut holes in his $120 jeans so he can look all "ghetto". Classic example of a wannabe Wigger who's really just a poser.

Again, grow up you little idiots.
by Voice of Maturity February 02, 2006

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