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When you pee in your pants from inconcience, sneezing, holding too long, or purposely pee yourself.
To pee yourself.
The girl slowly peed her pants while waiting in line for the bathroom

I am seriously about to pee my pants.
by Vocabnerd March 10, 2019
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It happens when someone can not hold their pee in any longer and it shoots out inside their clothes, creating a wet spot on their crotch.
Why did you pee yourself? The bathroom's right there!

Kid: Mommy... I peed myself
by Vocabnerd October 30, 2020
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The dance you do when you are desperate to use the toilet to avoid peeing or pooping your pants.
That kid's doing the potty dance!
kid: Mommy I need to go potty!
seconds later, kid pees their pants
by Vocabnerd October 30, 2020
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