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Shweer - 1. A version of queer 2. someone that is extremely homosexual and acts in a gay manor 3. Someone that is excruciatingly happy 4. A version of queer but with an 'sh' before it so it sounds cooler and so certain people dont know what it means 5. An example of a word you could use to diss someone to their faces and they will think it's a compliment
1. "God Thomas you're such a shweer." Being a shweer rocks! 2. Those guys on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" are super shweers. 3. Keith is so shweer right now. 4. "Dude you're so shweer", "I guess so man." 5. "You seem shweer today" you say to your boss, "Thank You" he says back politely.
by VivekSharona November 26, 2006
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