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1. a fan given name for bass player Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold, because of his boyish good looks and the running joke that his height causes him to get lost easily (see The Making of "Seize the Day" on "All Excess" DVD). Based off of a Spanish movie "La Gran Familia" which features a scene of an adorable little boy getting separated from his family (see YouTube "buscando a Chencho desesperadamente"). Chencho also refers to Johnny's ability to seem both bad ass and sweet (Beer Wine?), as Chencho is both short for Lorenzo and Inocencio. Lorenzo is the Spanish/Italian version of Laurence which means "One crowned with Laurel," like the Roman emperor Julius Caesar or the first Olympic athletes, and Inocencio which means Innocent.
2. Anyone who gets lost from the group they are with.
1. Viva Chencho!!
2. We love Johnny "Chencho" Christ!

3. Where the hell did Johnny Christ go? He must be pulling a Chencho, check your shoes!
by VivaChencho November 18, 2011

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