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To fire all eight shots of the M1 Garand. It was a WW2 rifle that is seen in games such as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. Particularly used when desribing firing off the last few shots to get a reload in a game.
After 8 shots, the M1 Garand empties its clip with a distinct *PING*
by ViolentAJ November 15, 2004
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Anti AZN Alliance.

Used as a calling by the Fourth Reich. Using three members, each one obnoxiously shouts A once. After this, each one says one of the words: "ANTI","AZN","ALLIANCE" Followed by a battle cry or the traditional "AhhohoAhhoho!"
Doug: A!
AJ: A!
Casey: A!

Doug: ANTI!

AJ & Casey (Doug can't do it right): AHhohoAHhoho!!!
by ViolentAJ January 29, 2005
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