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a sound made when a person is under stress, depression, dissapointment, or just plain sad.
"Why didnt you go to the party?"
"My mom wouldnt let me go."
by Viola June 25, 2007

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Catholics are hateful, vile, hypocritical sheep. Just as with any group, there are good and bad Catholics.

Catholicism is generally believed to be the "original" form of Christianity. Saint Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

On Confession: Through Confession, we believe we are cleansed of our sins. However, we can also confess our sins directly to GOd, not just through a priest.

On Confirmation: In Confirmation, Catholics become full-fledged Members of the Catholic Church. One is usually confirmed in their early teens. It is a Catholic coming-of-age ceremony- sometimes thought of as a Catholic equvalent to a Jewish bar or bat mitzvah. Before Confirmation, one chooses the name of a saint whom they admire and will aspire to be like. When confirmed, that saint's name then is added to your birth name. Confirming is usually done by a bishop or archbishop.

Finally, on who we worship: Catholics, like other Christians, worship God and his Son Jesus, whom we believe died for our salvation. We also worship and pray to the Virgin Mary; She was a totally pure woman, who voluntarily became the mother of God. She was chosen by Him, and is therefore deserving of honor. The same thing goes for saints- they were chosen by God and should be honored in accordance. Catholics do not worship the Pope or priests. We look up to them as leaders, yes, but that is all.
Lucy was recently confirmed, taking the saint name Cecilia (after the patron saint of music). She is now a full member of the Catholic Church.
by Viola June 12, 2007

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