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A vibe check is a phrase said before checking someone’s vibe. Checking a vibe involves making strong physical contact with someone else using either fists (not necessarily your own) or another blunt object.

A vibe check is failed if the victim expresses signs of pain or discomfort at the vibe check. If the check is failed, the victim must be eliminated.
Tim: “Vibe check!”
Chad: “Huh?”
Tim: *Punches Chad in the stomach*
Chad: “Ow! Dude, what the hell?”
Tim: “Dang man, you failed the vibe check, i’ll have to eliminate you.”


Tim: “Vibe check!”
Chad: “Huh?”
Tim: *Hits Chad over the head with a lamp*
Chad: “Oh thanks man, wasn’t sure if i was vibing or not.”
Tim: “No prob bro, of course you’re vibing, just had to check.”
by VibeMaster69 December 6, 2019
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