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A show on Comedy Central. While new episodes of SNL suck, Mad TV is infinitely worse. Even though it isn't live, the "actors" still manage to mess things up all the time. Features awful impressions of THE SAME celebrities every show; almost always Oprah, Dr. Phil, Steven Seagal, or Shaquille O'Neal. Also features unfunny skits with characters that are basically even uglier versions of the cast BUT with speech impediment (see: Miss Swan, Stuart) mostly comprised of fart jokes, slapstick comedy, or just plain unfunny jokes.
Dumbass: OH! MAD TV IS ON!

Me: Oh god. Where's the damn remote?

Dumbass: Wow! An episode of Gilligan's Island, BUT IN SPANISH! How DO the Mad TV writers manage to come up with this stuff?

Me: You should be shot.

Dumbass: LOOK! Will Sasso is doing his DEAD-ON impression of Robert Deniro! Wow it's funnier this time than the last six episodes.
by Vetti July 18, 2005
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