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A majestic creature that has a natural stance of awesomeness. They are often run around and make high pitch noises. Most Velociraptors hunt in groups. There primary food is bacon and ice cream. Most people don't realize the full potential of a Velociraptor. They live off of laughter. Most creatures of this species have a special interest in brown, British boys, and Tumblr. They make derp faces every couple minutes. If you are lucky you might spot one.
Guy 1: Did you just see that?
Guy 2: Yeah, it was a Velociraptor.
Guy 1: What is that?
Guy 2: Just a pack of girls that run around and squeal a lot.
Guy 1: Oh. Thats cool I guess.

Guy 2: I have noticed one of them shouts YOLO when she runs by people.
by Velociraptors Are Real August 17, 2012
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