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(N) Girl/boy that has devoted shrines in their closets and candle lit ceremonies of worship to their favorite anime/movie/stupid reality TV show/My So-Called Life character; A person with extreme infatuation and fixation to a fictional or pointless real-life person that will never be real or actually acknowledge them if they exist . . . Only in their wildest Fan Girl-esque dreams.
Yaoi Fan Girls. The most dangerous, blood-thirsty kind. Insult SasuNaru and thou are doomed.
by VeganVampire107 January 22, 2009
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(N) When the seme goes uke; The wildest dream of every Naruto yaoi fan that will never happen in any Fan Girl "doujinshi"; A strange combination of two teenage boys from an anime about fox demons and chinese stars suddenly wanting to find a bed; An alternate universe in the fifth dimension where the most bloodthirsty avenging chicken-butt haired anime character suddenly blushes like a girl in lust (ew).

Sasuke: Hnn, Naru-chan, you make me . . . so. . . hawt.

Naruto: . . . . . . . Oh hell yeah. It's time for some Narusasu. :3
by VeganVampire107 February 03, 2009
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