2 definitions by Veah and summer

A Warren nigga. Talks to girls even if he has a girlfriend, broke as hell, ugly as hell, & no morals or respect. Just plain dumb asf. Stay away from them thassit.
"These warren sea roaches be everyway girl, you can't miss em"
by Veah and summer February 04, 2021
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People who were born normal af 💅🏽 And look normal af. Boss shit; got money, just plain beautiful. The upgrade version of a sea roach 🪳 people such as : Summer, Arijha, Shelsea, and Nevaeh. The founders 🥰
Person #1- Damn I wish I was a god damn sea star they living😭
Person #2- I hate being a sea roach now they gone spray me 😭

Can’t be found in warren ohio🤷🏽 ♀️
by Veah and summer May 06, 2021
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