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1) A guy who thinks he has his shit together or portrays himself as a real ladies man. The reality is that the dude couldn't get a stitch of pussy if he tried. Most PG's drive around in old dilapidated two door cars, drink 50 cent tappers at the tavern, and chase overweight broads.

2) Senior men (65+) who dress with a certain pizazz and think they are a real player. Members only jackets, fedora hats, and Swisher Sweets are all good indicators. Usually have pimp names like "Fritz" or "Lenny". The senior PG has better luck with the ladies then some guys, but still thinks he is the shit.

3) An actual player who scores a lot of pussy.
Check out Donny, he thinks he is such a pussy gangster. He is a Freshmen in college, in Austin, yet he comes back home every weekend to scam on high school chicks since he can't score with college chicks
by Vanb December 14, 2013
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Refers to taking a shit since this process often involves making faces.
"I'll have to call you back in a few minutes, I need to Make the face"
by VanB May 28, 2006
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