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Nikki Reed, maybe best known for her role as Rosalie Hale in Twilight or her script for the film thirteen. With 14 years she left home and began to act and film thirteen with the help of one of her best friends Catherine Hardwicke. She´s the best friend of Kristen Stewart, who also plays in Twilight(as Bella Swan). Now she´s on the set of New Moon which you can see in the end of 2009.
Me- Do you know Nikki Reed?
He- Who´s Nikki Reed?
Me- You know, Twilight... the blond girl.
He- No, I don´t remember!
Me- Of course you remember, we´ve seen that movie yesterday!
He- Ohh Twilight... Yes I remember her! She looks good...
by Vallytay May 25, 2009