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Essentially in the short version, Dilaudid is the purest form of synthetic Heroin available thru pharmaceutical companies. Meant strictly for patients prescribed the drug for moderate to severe pain, "D's" are also very common on the streets for having the best intravenous high available of any opiate, yes even better than actual Heroin. (In my opinion.) In pill form 4MG and 8MG rein. No "cut" no 10MG Opiate///325MG Acetametaphine bullshit, (wow so far I've actually spelled all these words on my own, I think they're all right too.) Pure man made glorious Heroin. And the only drug I can think of that would rein over Dilaudid is Fentanyl, but definitley not as fun to administer, since they come in patch or Lollypop form, where as Dilaudid's can be swallowed, snorted, or slammed. (I ran out of room down there so I am adding this up here: Please Please Please visit opiates.com !!!) And contact local officials in your city to find out how to get fully 100% government funding at whatever cost to get rehab treatment for yourself, or a loved one. I SWEAR IT'S POSSIBLE! opiates.com 2 hour full detox process, very cool and proven.
So I typed out this big long cool story of the last six years of my life, but then Urban Dictionary shut me down because it was longer than 1500 characters. Maybe it should say "Max 1500 Characters" before over excited people like me type out their life friggin story. Anywho, long story longer, I've been on opiates for about 6 years now, started with Norcos, moved to Oxy, snorting it, smoking it, then couldn't afford Oxy, so got smart and paid half the price to get twice as high on Heroin, then was withdrawaling like a son of a bitch one day, and the only thing available STAT was a 8MG Dilaudid delivered intravenously. So I did it, two actually, and the RUSH from a "D" is indescribable, euphoric, and unmatchable. Advice, try banging a "d" if you have never, don't become addicted to pills or heroin. Bad news. Shit I think I have to many characters again...
by Valentina Fox January 11, 2010
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