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A group of idiots that always wear Dixie Outfitter Shirts and talk about rifles and guns all the time and love four-by-fours. They are obsessed with fishing hunting and four wheelers. They also love to "coon hunt" and spend thousands of dollars that they don't make on their own on coon dogs and tracking systems fro their dogs. Most of them are stupid and have horrible grades. The first week of school you can ask them what they have in algebra and they will simply reply, "i gotta d mang". They use the word mug for everything. For example, Instead of , 'I shot that deer on Saturday, they would say something like this. Mang you aint gone' believe 'is, I shot a deer saturdi, nailed 'at mug right in tha heart mang. They are stupid, a waste of time, and a drain to society and a drain on wildlife too.
A guy walking around with a Dixie Outfitter shirt on and a cowboy hat with some carhartt jeans and boots with the pants legs tucked in them and a mouth full of dip, thats a redneck.
by Vakirio March 28, 2007
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