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A small rural town in northeast Georgia where the overwhelming number of gas stations and gyms outweigh the actual amount of people ten-fold. The only attractions available are a bowling alley and currahee mountain. Both of which are less significant than used tampons. In fact the bowling alley has been closed due to the minimal business and low quality. The only reason the mountain is still there is because this town dosent have enough money to buy some dynamite to flatten it. Other entertainment can be found in the local high school where everyone has easy access to special education. The collective IQ of the school is about 12 only kept above positive because all the tax payer money in this state funds the useless programs within it. If you were born in this town, burn your birth certificate. Because you won’t get a job anywhere in the world if your from toccoa. Unless your stupid enough to work within the county line. Don’t talk to stranger wrong either. They either have a glock if they’re black or an AR-15 if they’re white. Also drive a nice white car if you want to blend in with the white suburban moms or a truck for the rednecks. If your black then ride in a cop car.
Oh shit your from toccoa? Fuck you
by Used_C0ndom_nation May 22, 2021