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Unlike its predecessor and unfriendlier Wikipedia, it's the WORLDS LARGEST COLLABORATIVE HOW-TO MANUAL that anyone can edit. Many people come together as a global community of volunteers to help contribute daily. Any patrolling/editing/new article boosting you do speaks volumes to the community.
Example 1: "Oh dude, some nasty language in that edit, I'm gonna roll back changes to the last good edit."

Example 2: "I see a ton of spelling/grammar/punctuation/sentence structure mistakes in this article, im going to go ahead and press the edit button on this article now to enlighten them, then perhaps it will even have the chance at becoming a featured article! Horray!"

Example 3: "Did you see my wikiHow about How to be a Goth?" "No, but you should read my article on How to be Preppy instead."
by UrbanEnthusiast December 19, 2009

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