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Really strong, The girls love him to death, but they are really shy to tell him. The guys are jelious they just want to dis on him because he has a sexy body and they dont. All the guys want to make him not hang around them. He of couse all Kayden ive know have a Big giant humogous Cock. He is really smart and handsome. All the ladies want to grind on him, but hes to shy to say yes or reply. He is a fighter, they are in good shape and girls drool over Kayden. They will always get a six pack. If they look a little skinny or just a little bit of weight he will get a pack. He is bulky. All the guys dissing on the Kayden is jelous and to stupid to admit it and Fags who do cause he is cooler than you.

Guy: This shit aint true
Girl: I bet it is
Guy: i bet he has a small cock
Girl: Kayden come here
Kayden: Ya
Girl: Pull down your pants
Kayden: Why
Girl:To prove you have a big Cock
Kayden: Uhh ok
"Pulls down pants"
P.S.: Girl gets horny and later that day gets fucked by Kaydens Huge cock.
Kayden Hot sexy and huge
by Urban dictornary writer May 06, 2013

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